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Anders Stenkrona is Sweden’s most experienced expert in Behavioral Finance.

He is Stenkrona Investments’ Founder and Managing Director. He has served as Chairman, Board member and Advisor to several financial institutions and companies

Stenkrona Investments’ unique value proposition relies on two decades of research and successful implementation of advanced financial solutions

Anders is Sweden’s most experienced expert in Behavioural Finance and is the Founder and Managing Director of Stenkrona Investments. He has served as Chairman, Board member and Advisor to several financial institutions and companies.

His ongoing activities within Fintech enables him to evolve at the forefront of this fast-developing industry. Currently Anders is focusing his energy on Automated Financial Advisory solutions at Nordea Bank.

Explaining complicated topics in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way

Track record:

6 years of teaching at Stockholm University. Two times recipient of the Students Choice Award

Presented original research at academic conferences all over the world. Two times recipient of Best Paper Award

Appreciated seminar holder at several financial institutions over the past 10 years

Identifying potential losses, quantifying and mitigating financial risk

Track record:

Identified, revalued and documented reasons for the, until then, largest trading loss reported in the Swedish Financial Market (Carnegie, 2007, SEK 630m)

Evaluated and documented the reasons for the largest trading loss reported in the Swedish Financial Market (HQ Bank, 2010, SEK 1.2bln)

Participated in the sale of Carnegie Investment Bank (2009) and the purchase of HQ Bank (2010)

5 years as Group Risk Manager at Carnegie Investment Bank

Sales, Digital sales funnels, building and entertaining client base

Track record:

Currently advising banks and financial institutions in linking automated financial advice with Human Behaviour

10 years of professional sales experience. Recently 5 years with Carnegie Investment Advisory

First hand experience from door-to-door sales, institutional sales, stage closing and digital sales

Writing formal text in a structured and easy-to-access style

Track record:

Wrote a policy for Socially Responsible Investing for a Stockholm based fund manager

Wrote and edited Carnegie Investment Bank’s policy structure, Risk limits and Risk instructions

Doctoral Dissertation with 6 peer-reviewed academic papers of which 4 published and three award winning.

PhD in Financial Theory and dissertation in Behavioural Finance

Track record:

Tailored and sold numerous investment solutions to financial institutions for 5 years

6 years of academic research at Stockholm University, Stockholm School of Economics and Brigham Young University

Advanced courses in Derivatives, Portfolio Management and Basel III

Leadership and strategic thinking

Track record:

Over 20 years in leadership positions in a pro-bono organisation leading large and small groups.

Chairman of the Board for Cryex Clearing AB

15 years as board member and 8 years as vice chairman for the board of a Church organisation with 2500 members

“You are not in total control of your emotions and your emotions are not consistent. Nor is your world view an unbiased true picture of reality.”

(from “no matter how awesome you are, you are still going to make stupid choices”)