Proud Sponsors of Team Magnus

Stenkrona Investments is an active and proud supporter of Team Magnus.

Team Magnus was founded in 2008 by a family who wanted to honor the oldest child who had passed away 29 years earlier in Kidney Cancer.

Magnus Palm was only 5 years old when he passed away but he loved to ride on his bike. All his younger siblings have since then inherited and used the same bike and now the grand children are using the same bike.

The idea was born to let Magnus love for bicycling live on through his brothers and sisters. They founded Team Magnus – biking for life, and participated in some races on Magnus behalf.

The idea caught on among friends and friends of friends and is now a large movement where hundreds of bicyclists participate on behalf of a deceased loved one in the world famous Vättern Rundan. It has become a way to handle grief and sorrow in a constructive way.

Team Magnus is also active in collecting and donating funds to support cancer research.