Stenkrona Investments is at the forefront of the Financial Industry by adapting automated financial advice with human behaviour. Relying on cutting-edge technology, Stenkrona enables banks and financial institutions to bridge the advisory gap created by a surge in Automated Advisory and provide one-on-one deep customer care on a large scale.

Combining automated financial advice with Human Behavior

There are five basic elements in automated financial advice. Each element presents unique challenges in adapting the service to human behaviors.


Activate the clients Attention

There are many techniques in how to attract some ones attention but what if studies show that a majority of the population has a general lack of interest in financial services? What is the missing link in generating their interest for what you offer? How do you reach a mass market that doesn’t seem to care?


Activate the clients Trust

Trust has to be earned and it only works if it’s real. Do you know what causes a client to trust you? Do you know which strengths to highlight to earn the trust from different demographic groups, old or young, rich or poor, men or women? Can you do this in an automated environment, on a large scale?


Activate the clients Purpose

Investing is abstract and uninteresting without a clear objective. What if you develop an amazing automated advisory tool but can’t get your clients to take action. Are you aware of what causes inactivity or action among your target market? How do you help investors get a clear picture of their financial health and how do you help them make an abstract savings account become more concrete?


Activate the Relationship

Relationships demand attention and investments take time. How do you follow up with your clients, keeping them on track, helping them reach their long term and short term investment goals? How do you make their relationship with you relevant to them?


Activate the clients Community

A recent study that 74% of consumers regard recommendations from their community as the key influencer in purchases. What are the dynamics behind this? What results do you need to highlight to encourage recommendations and what resonates with different demographic groups? How do you make people excited to share the results they achieved thanks to your service?

Stenkrona Investments’ scalable service offer is designed to match the needs and expectations of today’s financial institutions.

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How is Stenkrona Investments positioned in a rapidly evolving banking industry?

Over the past few years, there has been a surge in the use of automated financial advisors (aka robot advisors). Banks simply don’t have the capacity, and increasingly the resources, to tend to every client face to face, which are increasingly creating a client advisory gap. Stenkrona Investments is specialized in the psychology of financial decision-making (i.e. behavioral finance), which when coupled with automated financial advisory, enables financial institutions to tailor such systems to better interact with the behavioral patterns of human beings, who happen to be bank’s customers.

There is an increasing interest from users and merchants for Blockchain-style solutions, which are at the heart of a substantial and powerful evolution in the way people around the world exchange value. This decentralized technology is enabling this paradigm shift through the digital currency opening act, and its subset Crypto-currencies, leading the way to far more interesting opportunities through the implementation of innovative transaction models and seamless engagement with customers. This technology is disruptive and will have a long-lasting impact on financial services in an initial stage, but ultimately will change forever the way and frequency with which people transact.

Banks and financial institutions have the most to gain by harnessing the power of this innovative technology. Stenkrona Investments provides the analytical systems and tools to enable its clients to incorporate these new technology-driven opportunities into their ecosystem. By implementing a set of customized parameters designed to better meet the customer requirements and behavioural patterns, Stenkrona is also empowering its clients to readying their platforms to evolve with fast-evolving market trends and rapidly changing customer behaviours.

Patterns are easier to remember and therefore take priority over truth in our minds. Truth is too complex and full of details to remember.

Patterns are more important than truth.